About The Firm

Sobol Veltum & Associates believes in attaining the highest level possible in client service. All members of our Firm fully understand and are committed to the fundamental concept of client service. We strive to provide each of our clients with individualized professional services designed to address their specific needs. In order to perform our role as accountants and business advisors effectively and efficiently, we believe in acquiring in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses, developing solid relationships with ownership and management, and maintaining frequent personal contact with all key client personnel. Additionally, we take pride in our ability to approach each client engagement with enthusiasm and to address our clients’ various business and financial concerns with timely and creative solutions. We believe our commitment to client service is a necessity when considering the continually evolving business and regulatory environments in which our clients’ operate.

With respect to our overall client service approach as it relates to the performance of fieldwork procedures, Sobol Veltum & Associates believes in devoting a substantial amount of management level time to this phase of any engagement. Our management level team will operate with a “hands on” approach throughout the engagement in order to ensure that all potential issues and concerns identified are brought to client management’s attention on a timely basis, that all of our staff members are properly supervised, and that they have the ability to communicate with our management personnel on a regular basis regarding the progress of the engagement, or any other items of importance or interest to them.

Our approach to providing our clients with tax and business consulting services is to encourage discussions of business transactions as they arise, allowing us to evaluate and suggest structuring such transactions in a way that could have the most beneficial tax and/or business result. This approach means that we are available at any time to answer questions relating to your business matters. As part of our Firm’s overall client service philosophy all members of our Firm are available and accessible throughout the year to meet with members of clients’ management to discuss any matters of interest or concern they may have. There may be times when we need to consult with other professional (i.e. attorneys, consultants, etc.) with who, we have working relationship to assist us in properly resolving a particularly complex or unusual matter. All such consultations are done with our client’s approval and participation.

Sobol Veltum & Associates takes great pride in our policy of providing professional services only to industries in which we truly have the necessary expertise to ensure quality client services. Our Firm has a longstanding reputation for integrity, proficiency and quality of service. We believe that the stability generated by our long-term client relationships, as well as the steady growth of our Firm resulting from successful new client relationships, reflects favorably on our philosophy of total commitment to client service.